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Are you looking to save your business money?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. With an estimated 11 million Britons currently overpaying for their utilities, you’re certainly not alone. With so many options and suppliers out there, finding the best deal for your business can be difficult; so much so that businesses often stick with the same provider year-on-year and miss out on massive savings.

This is why we created Tariff.com, an expert, independent voice to provide transparent advice in an otherwise confusing market.

Our vision at tariff.com

Who are we?

A dedicated utilities consultant, we use independent price comparisons to help your business get the best deals on your energy and IT. We understand that navigating the comparison market can be complicated and time-consuming.

To take the hassle out of switching, we take care of everything from initial consultations and price comparisons to switching support and bill management.

Here at Tariff.com, we believe that no business should overpay for their energy or IT services.

Our Vision

Here at Tariff.com, we believe that no business should overpay for their energy or IT services. We also believe that switching supplier should be as easy as possible- and not the time-consuming process it can often be.

By offering independent comparisons and expert energy management, Tariff.com can help your business achieve substantial cost and time savings. In the bigger picture, we strive to empower UK businesses to demand more from market suppliers and to never settle for expensive rates or mediocre service. Your business deserves the best, so why settle for less?

The Tariff.com SPARK

Here at Tariff.com, we’re committed to helping our clients reach their energy and business utility goals. Every passion starts with a spark; it’s the drive, the ambition and the energy that inspires us to bring our A-game every day. That’s why we’ve put our spark at the very heart of our business values.


We support businesses of all sizes and sectors across the UK. From finding the best deals to switching your supplier, our team is on hand every step of the way.


We’re committed to helping your business reach its energy, IT, and security goals and use our passion for the industry to save you time and money.


We put transparency at the heart of all our energy services. With no hidden costs and open communication throughout, you can trust us to do right by your business.


With the business utilities market constantly evolving, we’re quick to react to changes or developments, taking a proactive approach to deliver the best value for you.


Our highly knowledgeable team of energy, IT, and security consultants know their industries inside-out and use this experience to find the best solutions for your business.

A solution that works for you.


The percentage of cases where we’ll beat your renewal offer.


The amount we’ve saved our customers with a free energy audit.

£1 million

How much we’ve saved customers over the last 12 months

The Tariff Team

Kieran Grogan

Team Manager

With over 5 years’ experience as a team manager and 3 years in the energy industry, I am passionate about providing excellent customer service and doing the best thing for customers. Offering an honest and open service whilst continuing to grow Tariff. com and bringing in future success.

Rachael Armstrong

Energy Sales Consultant

My background is in account management positions spanning over 10 years in the Telecoms and Energy sectors.Building strong, trustworthy relationships with my customers is important, and I look forward to maintaining this high standard here at Tariff.com.

Jon Cooper

Energy Sales Consultant

An experienced account manager with over 10 years in both the telecoms and energy sector, I know the industry inside and out. Building strong, trustworthy relationships with my customers is important, and I look forward to maintaining this high standard here at Tariff.com

Expert Advice

Our expert consultants know the market inside out, and pass on this knowledge to you.

Easy Switching

If you decide to make the switch, we’ll take care of everything on your behalf.

Save Money

We’ll search the market to find the best deals and save money on your energy bills.

Why Choose Tariff.com?

Transparency and honesty are at the heart of everything we do. With this in mind, we ensure our approach is open and transparent from the outset. Whether your business is looking to go green, or transition to cloud computing, we compare all available options to find your business the best deal.

In an oversaturated and confusing market, unbiased advice can be hard to come by. With no vested interests other than saving you time and money, we offer impartial, independent advice. Tariff.com is not affiliated with any one provider, so will never convince you to make a switch that’s not right for you. Instead, we’ll put the interests of your business first and empower your business to maximise its energy, IT and security.

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"The service we received from the Tariff team was second to none. They understood the requirements of the organisation and offered a professional service. The Tariff team were able to save us money on our energy and this was even more so important for us being a charity returning from the effects of COVID-19. I would use Tariff again!”

Llanharan Community Development Project Ltd

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“I rarely give public testimonials, but I’d like to recommend Tariff.com as an outstanding energy consultation service. Aside from recommending Tariff.com as a company, because personal recommendations based on experiences and feedback are the strongest of all, the benefits of using Tariff.com are factual and more welcome.”


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