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CCTV is a simple yet effective security option to safeguard your business against criminal activity and intrusion. At, we’ll use our industry experience and knowledge to find your business the best CCTV service, at a price that suits your budget.

Whether you need static security cameras for a property or temporary CCTV, there is a range of services to suit every ones needs

Safeguard Your Property With CCTV Services

These days, there’s a plethora of technology available to protect our properties from crime. One of the most popular ways of ensuring your site is safeguarded from criminal activities and unlawful intrusion is installing CCTV. When paired with a monitoring service, this can not only help you track down criminals after the fact but also helps stop intruders in their tracks with a professional CCTV team.

Whether you need static security cameras for a property or temporary CCTV solutions for a construction site, there’s a range of services available to suit different requirements and properties. With the ability to ensure there’s an extra pair of eyes on your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you can have peace of mind that your site is protected.

Looking for strategic cctv installation?

Strategic CCTV Installation

To ensure your site receives the best possible coverage, an assessment will be carried out of your site to determine the best installation strategy for you, all conducted by qualified and experienced technicians. By maximising camera coverage and minimising blind spots, you can be sure that there’s nowhere left for criminals to hide.

No matter the type of property or site, whether your CCTV needs are temporary or permanent, CCTV is an easy and hassle-free option that provides comprehensive security. With full camera coverage, you can be sure that you always have an extra pair of eyes guarding your site, providing evidence in instances of crime and potentially saving you money on unfair insurance claims and legal battles.

With 24/7 cctv, you can be sure your premises will be protected at all costs

24/7 CCTV Monitoring

CCTV security is not only useful after the fact but can also be used to launch a rapid first response to tackle crimes whilst they’re taking place. With a CCTV team monitoring each camera closely and consistently, you can be sure that any suspicious activity will be detected and dealt with by the professionals.

With a monitoring service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you can be sure your CCTV solution works around the clock to protect your premises. If a security incident is occurring on your site, you can be sure that a team of security personnel will be deployed or the police notified to ensure that intruders are apprehended quickly and efficiently.

Sophisticated thermal imaging can help maintain health and safety in the workplace

Sophisticated Thermal Imaging

With the advent of viral outbreaks like COVID-19, enhanced measures need to be in place for some businesses to maintain the wellbeing of employees, visitors and customers alike. Across the UK businesses are utilising thermal imaging to maintain and safeguard business operations, allowing for greater health security and initial detection before issues occur.

Thermal cameras can be a more discrete, efficient, and effective way of identifying individuals that need further screening, ensuring that the health security of your business is maintained and your business operations, employees and visitors are safeguarded from viral outbreaks.

Our team will listen to your security concerns, matching you to your ideal CCTV security service, at a price that suits your budget.

Cost Savings on CCTV Services

With so many providers on the market, it can be difficult to know which service is the right one for you.  Whilst there are some standard features you should definitely look for in a security provider, such as an SIA licence, beyond this, it can often depend on the CCTV needs of your property and business.

Here at, our team will listen to your security concerns, matching you to your ideal CCTV security service, at a price that suits your budget. With our expert consultants on the case, you can be sure that we’ll put your business needs first, offering professional support to help you navigate a busy market.

With a dedicated security consultant on your side, we’ll also take care of all the administration that comes with switching provider.

How We Work

We search and switch so you can save; that’s the approach. Our expert team will take care of everything for you, allowing your business to benefit from great savings without the associated hassle. As part of our initial consultation, we’ll assess any current security bills to find out if you’re overpaying. We can then make switching recommendations to help save you money, whilst ticking all the boxes for your security services.

With a dedicated security consultant on your side, we’ll also take care of all the administration that comes with switching provider. Once you’ve transitioned to your new supplier, we’ll continue to closely monitor your service and bills, keeping you up to date, organised and on top of your chosen CCTV solution.

Security Business Benefits

Tailored security services and solutions.

Tailored to Your Needs

Relax in the knowledge that your solution will be tailored to your specific security requirements, guaranteeing you a personalised, first-class service.

Huge security skill sets available.

Huge Skill Set on Offer

Whether it is patrolling, customer service or surveillance you require, Tariff has got you covered with a wide range of skills to offer.

Highly Trained Experts

Highly Trained Experts

Tariff deploys only the highest-trained SIA licensed officers. We’re in the top 1% of ACS approved contractors and are SafeContractor approved.

Deter criminals with a visual security deterrent.

Deter Criminals

An important visual deterrent, the presence of security guards will significantly minimise the chance of vandalism, trespassing theft and other crime.

Rapid security response to potential and genuine threats.

Rapid Response Solution

As well as an effective visual deterrent, security guards can also act as a rapid response solution to any potential or genuine threats.

Reduce costs with out multi-role security- solutions.

Keep Costs Down

Our security guards’ multi-role capabilities such as concierge duties and risk assessment mean you can keep costs down without compromising on vital services.

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Here at, we aim to empower businesses to get the most out of their security. When it comes to protecting your business, knowing where to find the best deals can be difficult. This is where our security consultants can step in. We’ll assess your security needs and offer a great deal to your business. With on the case, you can trust us to safeguard your business interests and help you reach your saving goals. 

We can take care of everything on your behalf, from initial consultations and market searches to switching support and bill management, so your business can reap the rewards of switching supplier, without any of the hassle.

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