The Background

The background of Llanharin Community Development centre

Llanharan Community Development Project Ltd (LCDP) seeks to identify and address the needs and well-being of the people primarily within the areas of Llanharan, Brynna and Bryncae.

Through partnerships and employing local qualified staff, they aim to deliver high-quality childcare, play opportunities and education. 

The challenge 


As the Llanharan Community Development Project is a non-profit drop-in centre offering childcare, community learning and career supportkeeping costs down is essential. 

The organisation approached looking to save money on their energy bills, allowing them to optimise their spending and allocate the savings elsewhere in their organisation.  

Our working partnership with Llanharin

The solution  

By using a copy of their current energy bills, our consultants were able to determine if the organisation was overpaying and find a better tariff, at a cheaper price to help the organisation save money

After researching the market, we could offer Llanharan Community Development Project a contract starting from 2 years up to 5 years, the best saving was from the 3-year contract at a 9.7% saving from their previous tariff. 

The result  


As well as substantial savingsthis 3-year fixed tariff means Llanharin can now work out their costs for the next three years, safe in the knowledge that their energy costs will not increase beyond their budget.

With this financial aspect taken care of, the hard working staff at the Llanharan Community Development Project can put the savings from their energy into essential work, and continue to offer their amazing services where they are needed most.