Unleash hydropower into your business

Power your operations and slash your carbon footprint with resilient, cost-efficient hydroelectric turbines.

What is hydropower?

Hydropower is one of the oldest and largest sources of renewable energy on Earth with evidence of watermills dating back to the 4th Century BC. Today, modern turbines can be discretely positioned next to rivers and canals to harness the water’s energy and convert it into electricity.
Even where there is a low height difference a single turbine can generate between 15 – 70 kW of constant energy while turbine clusters can power entire regions.

The vortex hydropower turbine

The Vortex Turbine

The Vortex Turbine is a next-generation, hydrodynamic system designed to operate constantly for 30 years. Able to withstand any type of flood and protected by multiple sealing systems against fresh and saltwater debris and sand, the turbine can be configured to perform against a range of head and flow combinations.

Compact and easily installed, the system is designed to produce low pressure differentials above the blades meaning aquatic life can pass by it unharmed.

Hydropower turbine advantages

Turbine Advantages

Harness constant energy from previously unviable waterways and power your business with clean energy 24/7/365.

  • Systems are quickly delivered
  • Compact enough to be transported on light commercial vehicles
  • Typically no need for water or installation permits
  • Installation can be completed within days
  • Each turbine generates between 120.000 and 56.000 kWh per year
  • Control and monitor turbines remotely from any location
Install multiple turbines for your business needs

Install Multiple Turbines

If you have above average energy needs and access to several rivers or canals, the highly flexible, low-head design of the Vortex Turbine means multiple systems can be easily installed.

With access to at least 5 metres of a canal or river with a flow larger than 1 cubic metre, you can request a network of interconnected turbines which – depending on drops and flow – can generate enough megawatts to electrify sites with even the largest footprints.

Business Benefits

Fish friendly turbines

Fish Friendly

Slow RPM impeller design creates low shear stress, ensuring safety of all passing aquatic life.

Low maintenance turbines

Low Maintenance

Outstanding build-quality of separate components, resilient trash rack to protect against large debris, and only one moving part, means negligible maintenance costs.

Long operating life

Long Operating Life

By following the maintenance plan, your Vortex Turbine will enjoy a 30-year lifespan.

Zero flood risk

Zero Flood Risk

Vortex Turbines work with normal water flows rather than against them, meaning flood risk is eliminated.

Easy installation

Easy Installation

The smallest of its type for every energy level, the Vortex Turbine is preassembled and easily delivered to any site.

Remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring

The turbine arrives fitted with software that allows the system to be monitored and controlled from any location, any time.

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Hydropower Frequently Asked Questions

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