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Utilities with Healthcare in Mind

On average, the NHS spend £500 million on energy usage across the UK. With gas and electricity prices on the rise this will only increase.
At, we are committed to helping medical centres reduce their energy bills with approved suppliers that can meet their financial or environmental goals. support your health care business every step of the way

Supporting Healthcare Centres at Every Step

A typical surgery will be open from 8 am until late, up to 7 days a week. Resulting in a large amount of heating, lighting, electricity, water being consumed.  It is no surprise this is one of the highest energy consuming sectors.

At, we help any health organisations, from local GP surgeries to the NHS. No matter how big or small, get the industry-leading advice and guidance that leads to better suited utility tariffs.

Our expert team will work closely with you to build a comprehensive picture of your utilities consumption and match you with the suppliers most able to help you meet your core objectives.

We take care of all your health care energy bills

Take Control of Your Healthcare Bills

In healthcare, losing control of utility bills can mean losing control of the business. has become a trusted partner to countless health centres, ensuring they never overpay for gas, electricity, or water while supporting their journey towards net-zero.

Following exhaustive analyses of your current and historic bills, we will use our independent status to examine the entire market and connect you to the suppliers that can offer you the best possible deals.

We give practical advice with zero pressure to commit with us

Practical Advice, Zero Pressure

Real change can never occur when people feel pressured into making it. At, we believe in the power of encouragement and support, and the inspiration that comes from seeing small steps deliver big outcomes.

Through a combination of comprehensive business analyses, expert advice, and exhaustive market research, we will strengthen your enterprise with best-fit utility tariffs that drive down costs and, should you wish, clear the path towards a carbon neutral future.

5 Steps Towards Net-Zero Across The Healthcare Sector 

With the effects of climate change becoming increasingly harder to ignore, the time to act is now. At, we’ve made it our mission to empower healthcare organisations to take action against climate change and ensure a better future for us all:


We’ll measure the carbon footprint and environmental impact of your business.


We’ll measure the carbon footprint and environmental impact of your health care organisation.

We’ll help you set achievable targets to tackle your emissions and start your net-zero journey.


We’ll help you set achievable targets to tackle your emissions and start your net-zero journey.

We’ll help reduce your energy consumption and optimise energy usage.


We’ll help reduce your energy consumption and switch you over to a green energy tariff.

We’ll offset your remaining emissions with carbon credits and environmental projects.


We’ll recommend options to offset your remaining emissions e.g. carbon credits or environmental projects.

We will measure the results of these changes and help you share this success with your customers.


We’ll measure the results of these changes and help you share this success with your service users and staff.

Healthcare Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Tariff has provided Trans4orm Fitness with a fantastic service from start to finish. Following their expert advice, we opted to procure our energy long-term to protect the business from increases in prices, and as such we saved over £16,000 a year! We’re now using 100% Green Electricity too, which is important to be sustainable for our customers.

Trans4orm Fitness

Our Account Manager Rachael has provided Elite Group with a fantastic service from start to finish. She audited and reviewed our Energy for multiple sites, aligned all of our contracts to one supplier and one end date. Rachael also forward procured our energy before the price increases, and has saved us thousands a year by doing this. I would highly recommend working with them and see how they can help your organisation!

Elite Group


The service we received from the Tariff team was second to none. They understood the requirements of the organisation and offered a professional service. The Tariff team were able to save us money on our energy and this was even more so important for us being a charity returning from the effects of COVID-19. I would use Tariff again!

Llanharan Community Development Project Ltd

I rarely give public testimonials, but I’d like to recommend as an outstanding energy consultation service. Aside from recommending as a company, because personal recommendations based on experiences and feedback are the strongest of all, the benefits of using are factual and more welcome.


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The health and care sector in England is responsible for 5% of the country’s carbon footprint. is here to help healthcare organisations reduce their impact on the planet.

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