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Sourcing the best energy and utility deals, so you don’t have to.

Every business needs those basic utilities of gas, electricity and water. At Tariff.com, we empower people to get the best deal for their business and the planet.

Tariff.com Taking the Hassle Out of Switching Suppliers

Whether you’re looking to save money on your business energy, business water, or even start your net-zero journey, Tariff.com are here to help you every step of the way. We will examine your current tariff and analyse your bills. We’ll then use this data to see if you could be getting better deals elsewhere, whether that’s on price, customer service or perks. We will source your business the best energy tariff’s so you don’t have to.

Save your business money and switch electricity suppliers

Switch Business Electricity

Switching business energy suppliers should be easy. Yet with all the administration and paperwork, it can turn out to be a time-consuming process. That is why we will take care of the whole process for you, that way your business can concentrate on what truly matters.

At Tariff.com, you can rely on us to find the very best electric deals for your business. We will work with you to review your business electricity usage and save you money on future contracts.

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Save your business money and switch gas suppliers

Switch Business Gas

Are you getting the best deal on your business gas? If you’ve been with the same supplier for years now you could be missing out.

Reducing your energy consumption is one the best ways to save money on your business utility bills. We’ll work with you to understand how you use your gas to determine whether you have the best meter for your current energy consumption.

We may advise you to switch to a smart meter, which promotes responsible energy usage and closely monitors your energy consumption with more accurate billing.

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There are multiple benefits to the open water market

Switch Business Water

Your business or organisation now has a choice of water provider. If you’re unhappy with your current price or service, you can switch to a different water supplier.

Our consultants will carry out a water audit to analyse your water bills and determine if you’re being overcharged. We’ll then use our findings to reduce your spending and help you take control of your water bills.

We can also carry out a water use survey for your business or organisation to estimate your overall water usage. Our team will present a detailed report to you, alongside our recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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If you’re looking to take your business net-zero, our team can offer the strategy and support you need to get there.

We’ll never pressure you into making a choice you’re not happy with, we’ll simply present you with two quotes to choose from.


green-energyGreen Energy

To reduce your carbon footprint and start your net-zero journey, we’ll find the best green tariffs for you.


Fossil fuelFossil Fuel

We’ll analyse your current tariff to see if you could get a better deal, on price, service or perks, by switching suppliers.

Join the green revolutions with renewable energy

Join the green revolution

With green tariffs more accessible than ever, there’s never been a better time to switch to renewable energy. Say goodbye to fossil fuels and start reducing your emissions today.

By minimising your carbon footprint to the lowest level possible, your business can offset any remaining emissions and reach a net-zero target.

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Why Choose Tariff for your Business utilities

We’re on your side every step of the way and will never pressure you into making a decision that’s not right for your business. Instead, we’ll simply provide a comprehensive strategy for your organisation, breaking it down into achievable goals and offering practical support to help you get there.

Business Utilities Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Tariff has provided Trans4orm Fitness with a fantastic service from start to finish. Following their expert advice, we opted to procure our energy long-term to protect the business from increases in prices, and as such we saved over £16,000 a year! We’re now using 100% Green Electricity too, which is important to be sustainable for our customers.

Trans4orm Fitness

Our Account Manager Rachael has provided Elite Group with a fantastic service from start to finish. She audited and reviewed our Energy for multiple sites, aligned all of our contracts to one supplier and one end date. Rachael also forward procured our energy before the price increases, and has saved us thousands a year by doing this. I would highly recommend working with them and see how they can help your organisation!

Elite Group

The service we received from the Tariff team was
second to none. They understood the requirements
of the organisation and offered a professional
service. The Tariff team were able to save us money
on our energy and this was even more so important
for us being a charity returning from the effects of
COVID-19. I would use Tariff again!

Llanharan Community Development Project Ltd

I rarely give public testimonials, but I’d like to recommend Tariff.com as an outstanding energy consultation service. Aside from recommending Tariff.com as a company, because personal recommendations based on experiences and feedback are the strongest of all, the benefits of using Tariff.com are factual and more welcome.


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