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Your business now has the freedom to select its water supplier, ensuring optimal service and pricing for your water needs. Our team is here to provide comprehensive guidance and assistance in navigating the options to secure the ideal tariff for your business.

What is the open water market and how does it work?

Switch Business Water Supplier

Enhanced competition among water suppliers brings numerous advantages to consumers, such as reduced costs, enhanced value for money, and superior customer service. By considering a switch in suppliers, your business stands to potentially save up to 40% on its water expenses, leading to significant cost savings.

At Tariff.com, our mission is to ensure that every business reaps the rewards of decreased water bills. We are committed to equipping you with comprehensive information, facilitating comparisons, and offering full support throughout the switching process, enabling you to discover a water supplier that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

There are multiple benefits to the open water market

Water Audits with Tariff.com

Our team of consultants will conduct a comprehensive water audit to scrutinise your water bills and identify any potential overcharges. We’ll then take these insights to devise the right strategy for your business, to help you save and manage your water bills more effectively.

At Tariff.com we offer a thorough water usage survey tailored to your business or organisation. Following our assessment, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report outlining your water consumption patterns and actionable recommendations to enhance efficiency and minimise costs.

Explore our new regional water map

Explore Our Regional Water Map

Your business or organisation now has a choice of water provider. If you’re unhappy with your current price or service, you can switch to a different water supplier.

Our regional water map shows the different suppliers available in Scotland and England. Find out more about the suppliers available to your business with our interactive map.

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Why Choose Tariff

Tariff.com complete a full site survey

Complete site survey

We’ll carry out a survey of your business to determine your water usage, providing the data you need to optimise your water bills.

Our Tariff team with discuss all future strategies with your business

Future strategies

We’ll help your business develop a comprehensive strategy to save money and use water more efficiently.

Water management

Water management

Our consultants can make managing your business water easier, monitoring your usage and billing on your behalf.

Our expert team will compare the whole water market to find you the best deal

Compare the whole market

Now businesses have a choice of water providers, we’ll ensure that we compare the whole market to find you the best deal for your business.

Here at tariff, we will provide you with expert advice.

Expert advice

Tariff.com can provide the expert advice your business needs to take control of your water usage and bills, ensuring supportive professionals are by your side every step of the way.

Centralised billing all in one place

Centralised billing

If you want to take the stress out of managing your utility bills, the tariff team can do everything for you, centralising all your billing through us.

Why is business water cheaper then domestic

Is Commercial Water Less Expensive Than Residential?

Given that businesses serve larger populations and typically occupy larger premises compared to households, their water usage tends to be higher, often resulting in higher bills. However, this doesn’t necessarily translate to businesses being charged more for water. In fact, businesses often benefit from discounted rates.

The deregulation of the water market for non-residential properties in England and Scotland in 2017 allowed businesses, charities, and organizations to select their water supplier and opt for more cost-effective tariffs. Numerous factors influence water bill calculations, and with competing suppliers able to set their own rates, businesses have the opportunity to secure lower prices.

Business Water Rates

Water bills are essential for all businesses, and they typically include several standard charges. Let's explore some of the common fees your water supplier might include:

Potable water standing charge

Potable Water Standing Charge

This is a fixed daily charge that you have to pay, regardless of water usage. The standing charge goes towards maintaining the water infrastructure and networks across your region.

Potable Water Metered Rates

Potable Water Metered Rates

Your water meter will measure the volume you use and your water supplier will take regular meter readings to calculate your charge.

Wastewater standing charges

Wastewater Standing Charges

A fixed daily sewage charge that applies to your business regardless of wastewater production. This fee helps cover the ongoing maintenance of the entire sewage system.

Wastewater metered rates

Wastewater Metered Rates

Your business is charged for every cubic meter of wastewater that ends up in sewers. Your supplier will calculate this using your potable water meter reading.

Surface water drainage rates

Surface Water Drainage Rates

You pay a drainage charge based on your property size. It helps maintain the system and prevent floods (rainwater removal).

Trade effluent rates

Trade Effluent Rates

Trade effluent is any liquid that your business produces and discharges that isn’t regular sewage e.g food waste, chemicals etc.

The team at Tariff has provided Trans4orm Fitness with a fantastic service from start to finish. Following their expert advice, we opted to procure our energy long-term to protect the business from increases in prices, and as such we saved over £16,000 a year! We’re now using 100% Green Electricity too, which is important to be sustainable for our customers.

Trans4orm Fitness

Our Account Manager Rachael has provided Elite Group with a fantastic service from start to finish. She audited and reviewed our Energy for multiple sites, aligned all of our contracts to one supplier and one end date. Rachael also forward procured our energy before the price increases, and has saved us thousands a year by doing this. I would highly recommend working with them and see how they can help your organisation!

Elite Group


The service we received from the Tariff team was second to none. They understood the requirements of the organisation and offered a professional service. The Tariff team were able to save us money on our energy and this was even more so important for us being a charity returning from the effects of COVID-19. I would use Tariff again!

Llanharan Community Development Project Ltd

I rarely give public testimonials, but I’d like to recommend Tariff.com as an outstanding energy consultation service. Aside from recommending Tariff.com as a company, because personal recommendations based on experiences and feedback are the strongest of all, the benefits of using Tariff.com are factual and more welcome.


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