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Switch to green energy today.

Time is ticking for the planet

If we don’t act now, we could cause irreversible damage to the place we call home. We all have a duty to take action against climate change before it’s too late.

Switch to green energy today

The energy sector is one of the biggest contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. Burning fossil fuels for energy releases CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Powering your business with renewable energy can significantly reduce your business’s carbon footprint. At, our team are here to help your business make the switch to a green energy tariff.

Go net-zero with renewable energy

Let’s Go Net-Zero

With the UK looking to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, why not do your bit for the planet and set a net-zero target for your business?

At, we understand that it’s easier said than done. With our 5 simple steps, we can help your business transition to a greener way of working and reduce your impact on the planet.

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IPSUM, a cloud based management system


Keeping an eye on your carbon footprint shouldn’t be difficult. IPSUM allows you to track, measure, and monitor your business’s emissions from one centralised platform.

IPSUM makes taking control of your business’s emissions simple. With its user-friendly dashboard, you’ll have all the information you need to manage and reduce your carbon footprint.


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Types of Renewable Energy

Green energy is generated from renewable sources, producing this kind of energy typically doesn’t release greenhouse gases. If it does, it’s often carbon neutral. There are many different types of renewable energy available for your business Not only are there better for your business, these types of energy production does not harm the environment:

Renewable solar energy


Renewable wind energy


Renewable hydro energy


Renewable tidal energy


Renewable geothermal energy


Renewable biomass energy


If you’re interested in exploring green gas, is here to help

Green Gas

Also known as “biogas” or “biomethane”, green gas is a climate-friendlier way of powering both businesses and homes across the UK. Green gas is often carbon-neutral, meaning no net emissions are added to the atmosphere.

If you’re interested in exploring green gas, is here to help. Our expert team can guide you every step of the way, ensuring you meet your energy and environmental targets.

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The future of renewable energy with evc points

Electric Vehicle Charging

At, we’ll help you prepare for the future by installing electric vehicle charging ports at your business. Whether your employees or customers use an electric vehicle, ensure they have the power to get from A to B.

Our consultants will support you throughout this process, taking care of everything from preliminary discussions and initial consultations right through to installation and maintenance.

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Here for you every step of the way

At, we understand that you have enough on your plate just running your business. That’s why our team will take the stress out of switching to a green energy tariff.

Our energy experts will get to know your business and its energy goals. We can then search the market to find the best tariff for your business and the planet.

Our team can offer all the support you need to reach your environmental targets and reduce your carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy Frequently Asked Questions

The team at Tariff has provided Trans4orm Fitness with a fantastic service from start to finish. Following their expert advice, we opted to procure our energy long-term to protect the business from increases in prices, and as such we saved over £16,000 a year! We’re now using 100% Green Electricity too, which is important to be sustainable for our customers.

Trans4orm Fitness

Our Account Manager Rachael has provided Elite Group with a fantastic service from start to finish. She audited and reviewed our Energy for multiple sites, aligned all of our contracts to one supplier and one end date. Rachael also forward procured our energy before the price increases, and has saved us thousands a year by doing this. I would highly recommend working with them and see how they can help your organisation!

Elite Group


The service we received from the Tariff team was second to none. They understood the requirements of the organisation and offered a professional service. The Tariff team were able to save us money on our energy and this was even more so important for us being a charity returning from the effects of COVID-19. I would use Tariff again!

Llanharan Community Development Project Ltd

I rarely give public testimonials, but I’d like to recommend as an outstanding energy consultation service. Aside from recommending as a company, because personal recommendations based on experiences and feedback are the strongest of all, the benefits of using are factual and more welcome.


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