Carbon Credits

Achieving full Net-Zero.

Offset your remaining carbon emissions

You’ve made big changes and reduced your carbon emissions, but you’re still not at net-zero. will get you there with the right offset project that takes your business towards full net zero.

What are carbon credits and carbon offsets for business?

What are carbon credits and carbon offsets?

Despite their greatest efforts, it’s often hard for businesses to operate without relying on fossil fuels for at least some of their operations. While this remains the case, achieving the goal of net-zero remains impossible.

Carbon credits and carbon offsets are a means of compensating for any greenhouse gas emissions a business produces by allowing them to invest in projects that remove the equivalent carbon from the atmosphere.

How do carbon credits work for your business

How do carbon credits work?

Each carbon credit represents either the permanent removal of one tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere or the prevention of it ever getting there. This is achieved in one of two ways:

CO2 removal: This involves investing in a project that removes carbon from the atmosphere such as large-scale tree-planting. As they grow, trees convert atmospheric CO2 into solid carbon and store it in their trunks and roots.

CO2 avoidance: Here, a business makes changes in how they use land or generate power to prevent CO2 being produced in the first place. This could include the restoration of peatlands, which release large volumes of greenhouse gases when left to degrade.

Net-Zero Business Benefits

Net-Zero emissions for businesses

Net-Zero Business Benefits

Establish and achieve a realistic net-zero target for your business.

Reduce your business carbon footprint

Reduce your business carbon footprint

Switch to a renewable energy tariff and further shrink your carbon footprint.

Boost your businesses reputation with going green

Boost your reputation

Impress brand stakeholders with powerful eco-credentials.

Support business net-zero UK

Support Net-Zero UK

Contribute to the UK goal of being a net-zero country by 2050.

How to source carbon credits with Tariff

Where Does Tariff Source Its Carbon Credits?

As one of the UK’s foremost providers of bespoke energy switching services, we’re committed to providing a comprehensive overview of the process we undertake on behalf of your business. With dedicated sites UK-wide, we’ve got more than enough scope to accommodate your energy usage.

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How can your business offset carbon emissions?

How can your business offset carbon emissions?

To offset your business’ carbon emissions, you must invest in projects that demonstrably remove or prevent any emissions that your activity otherwise releases into the atmosphere. So, if a woodland plantation or peatland restoration project would have begun without income from your investment, no emissions have been offset.

By supporting verifiable projects that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through, your business offsets its emissions and receives the information and support needed for taking ownership of your carbon footprint going forwards.

Green Credentials

As more and more businesses take steps to reduce their carbon emissions, demonstrating ‘green credentials’ begins to lose its impact with stakeholders. However, those businesses able to present themselves as fully net-zero stand out as pioneers in their respective fields.

Offset your residual emissions with and move towards a greener, cleaner, and brighter future.

Carbon Credits Frequently Asked Questions

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